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So you think you know yourself?


Today I started Mona Lisa’s Build Your ♡-Centered Brand in 5 Days Challenge from an ad I saw on Facebook talking about how I should stop trying to build my business like an extrovert. It called to me in a way, since I feel like one of the challenges to building an online business right now is all the people who are doing videos and being so personable. It makes someone like me feel like I can’t do because I’m not naturally like that, but I know I can because I know other introverts are doing it.

Anyway, the first thing she has you do in this workbook (I hope I’m not giving much away, try it yourself!) is to take a personality test and find out what personality type you have, as well as learn a bit about it. I already know my personality type is INTP from taking this test in the past, but I took it anyway because there was an additional letter she needed me to fill out _ _ _ _ – _ and I didn’t know that, or that it even existed.

So off I went, filling out these questions that so loosely relate to my actual life as best I could. Well, as best I could when I wasn’t really paying attention. The first time I finished the test I was presented with the answer I expected, ISFP-T. Wait, what? Okay I know for sure, 100%, that I am intuitive. Sensing?! Okay, that can’t be right. I read a little bit about the “Adventurer” and felt like I related to less than half of it. I’ll do it again and this time I’ll really think about the answers.

Of course the next test was so incredibly accurate, giving me ISTP-T. Are you kidding me? Well, despite knowing an ISTP in real life I read this one, too (Virtuoso), and could relate more than the Adventurer, but still didn’t feel quite right. Finally, I decided in the end I would just change the URL from ISTP to INTP and read what they had to say about the Logician, specifically for the -T, since I’d never heard of this before and wanted to see what that was all about.

Being able to read about my personality type really intrigues me for a number of reasons. One reason you might be able to relate to is that I often feel like I might be flawed in some way because I’m so different from so many people. I’m often misunderstood until people really get to know me and that can really sap my confidence. But another reason it’s almost a reminder that nothing I’m experiencing is new. Millions of people over time have experienced things I have and lived or persevered through it, and I can too. And I will too.

I don’t know what’s up with the questions on that particular test, but the results (if you can get the right ones) are very informative. The best test I’ve taken online for free recently is from Human Metrics and even they gave me INTJ. They also explain that you may sometimes in life take a test and get a different answer on the test based on which personality trait you’re building, so I’ve decided to stick with the type I was given in high school because I consider that to be the point in time where I was truest to my personality, before I started developing my lesser traits better.

What personality type are you? How do you think knowing helps?