40 Wild Days

I just finished the 40 day challenge in the Wild Diet book and it was much harder than it needed to be. While the challenge itself isn’t hard, to eat Wild for 40 days without cheating, my own willpower (or lack of) turned it into a form of torture. Here’s a breakdown of my experience.

What Is The Challenge

To eat only foods approved on the Wild Diet for 40 days. The author, Abel James, claims you will lose 20lbs in 40 days if you follow his diet. All of the foods are laid out in the book, including a primary and secondary (moderation) food list. He explains why and how this works in the book, which is basically that people weren’t meant to eat grains or chemicals, but they’re in so much of our food. You should only eat whole ingredient foods and some more than others. At least half of your plate should be greens, a palm sized portion of protein, and fats/oils should make up each meal. Nothing on this diet comes out of a box.

The Results

When it was all said and done the overall weight loss for me this time around was 12lbs. The first 9lbs were in the first week, before the cravings really started to kick my ass. In the second week I was thinking a lot about the foods I couldn’t have and pretty upset. I was able to maintain and not go back up, but the loss halted until the last couple of days – for some reason knowing it was coming made it easier.

Why Didn’t I Lose 20lbs?

I can tell you why I didn’t lose as much as promised – it was because I didn’t follow the diet properly. I spent so much time upset I couldn’t eat the foods I wanted to eat that I started cheating with ‘gluten free’ versions of the foods. My outlook changed after that first week and there was so much time left to the challenge that I couldn’t see the end in sight. Now, this is a lifestyle change and not a diet, so I’m not going back to eating like crap, but I am transitioning to the once a week free meal where you can have whatever you want.

New Rules, New Game

In the book it talks about a 40 Day Challenge, but on his site Abel has a 30 Day Challenge! I had already started the 40 days, so I decided I needed to see it through, but I definitely agree with the shorter time. He even still claims you’ll lose 20lbs and I believe it. That weight loss in the first week was amazing, I think I could have had much more success with a shorter time span. My birthday is next week so I don’t want to be restricted during that, but after my birthday I will do the 30 day challenge and report on that, too.

The Best Part

The best part about the progress I made wasn’t the weight I lost, but the fact that my clothes are fitting so much better. I was in a place where gluttony had me in it’s grasp and didn’t want to let go. Getting control over my eating and making better decisions is the icing on the cake. Next time I’m going to take it to the next level and join the tribe.

Next Time

Next time I’ve got my game plan and I’m ready for success. I’ve got the new 30 Day Challenge and a full 7 day meal plan from Abel. They also have a Tribe I am thinking of joining for the added support. Right now their official challenge that has the 30 day meal plan is on sale for $27, but I’m going to try to do it on my own without paying this go around.

Are you doing anything to better your health?
If not, what’s stopping you?

Photo by Adam Jaime on Unsplash

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