Before You Start Your Biz

I recently posted my opinion that you, and everyone else, should start a business in 2018. This is a follow-up to that post to help you get things rolling. You might be thinking, “If everyone starts a business, then there will be too many businesses!” Not even close. If we all have businesses in our respective field we will be buying services from each other and supporting each others’ businesses!

Example: You want to have a lifestyle blog. In order to become an authority in this you’ll need to buy hosting and a domain, learn how to set up the software, write amazing content, make the social media images, learn basic photography, start an email list, etc. How many different entrepreneurs’ classes will you need to take to make your dream a reality? How many people will your dream help realize their own dream? We grow each other.

Make Some Decisions

Now that you’ve officially fallen in love with the idea of starting your own business, you need to know how to actually start! Thankfully, there’s a world of knowledge online from others who have done the same and they’re willing to share their do’s and don’ts. I break down the steps to getting your business started with resources from multiple sources to give you the opportunity to find what fits you best.

Decision 1: Finding Your Purpose

Some people know what they want to do right away, but some just know they want to do something! If you’re not sure what you’re thing is yet, you need to think about what you’re talented in that you love doing and would even do if you weren’t being paid for it.

My favorite line from a blog post on finding your purpose is, “What makes you forget to eat and poop?” Funny as it may sound, this is seriously where you should be spending your day. This is the ticket to your fulfillment in your work and living your truth.

Decision 2: Take Action

You may be starting from a state of, “I can’t take this job anymore” or, “I need to help my family bring in more money” or even “I’ve tried so many times, what’s wrong with me?” Regardless of your current mindset, you need to prepare your mind for the road ahead. After you’ve decided what it is you want to do, it’s now time to get inspired and learn how to take the actions necessary to take the first step, then the next, then the next..

Decision 3: Debunk Fear – Failure Is The Way To Success

The most powerful lessons we learn in life come from failure. Our failures shape us and define us in a way our wins never could. You know the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” They say it over and over in grade school, but in school you’ll learning how to do things a certain way. In real life and in your business you’re going to be learning how to do things your way, from your authentic self. This takes some trial and error, doing and learning from what didn’t work, trying again and again until it does.

Decision 4: You Will Be Successful

Visualization and law of attraction aren’t made-up terms, make believe isn’t just a child’s game. Living each day like you’re already living the life of your dreams does cause the life of your dreams to happen. What you focus on grows and if you’re focusing on self doubt and failure, you will not accidentally succeed. Decide right here and right now that you will focus on your success every day, and on the days when it’s harder to see, you’ll continue to try.

Action Steps

Now is the time for you to take your first action in starting your own business. This list here is my list of motivational and inspirational people to help me get things started or keep them flowing. These people may or may not resonate with you like they do me.

Do It: Create your own list now and every day this week. Start by watching one video or reading one blog post and follow the rabbit hole until you find the group of mentors that speaks to you.

Suggestion: Start a Pinterest board that includes daily motivation that you can visit on a daily basis and when one video or article no longer serves your current state of mind, follow it to another that does.

Do you have someone who motivates you? Please comment here and tell me more about it.

Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash

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