I Hate Social Media

Have you ever struggled with something so much you felt like you needed to create a solution? Has something felt so wrong, that you felt like you needed to create something that felt more right? That’s where I’m living right now. That’s the place I’m writing this from.

I think what I realized is that I hate social media. Not for what it is, but for what it isn’t. And for what we’ve made it. Social media for non-web entrepreneurs is a place to hang out and share what they enjoy. For the web-based entrepreneur, though, it’s a medium to reach our audience, which translates to: $$.

I go in to Facebook and have to join group after group, most of which have pretty much the same people in them, all trying to sell what I’m interested in. I don’t want to pay for knowledge. I never have, not sure I really want to start now. They give you a glimpse into what they want you to pay for, but of course you have to pay if you want any real value. I get it, we need money to survive. But I don’t want to pay to take course after course, which may or may not resonate with me. I want a little help, a small nudge to get me where I’m going and I want to help other people realize their dreams.

With this in mind, I think I’m going to begin a message board for people like me. It might take off, and it might not, but I really miss this type of platform. It would be a place that many people from different walks could go to share their knowledge and expertise and help each other. Then, if someone helped you enough and you wanted to reciprocate, that’s cool, too. And I’m not talking about one behind a paywall where you have to join my limited time membership – I mean something you can join any time and use as much or little as you like.

It’s just a matter of where to put it and how to set it all up. But I’m ready to have something like this in my life again. I hope others will see the value in it, too. <3

Photo by Campbell Boulanger on Unsplash

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