Like A Sponge

It’s surprising how quickly time flies by when you’re learning something you enjoy. The past few days have just flown by.

Yesterday the focus was updating the portal over at E-Starr, which was admittedly more time consuming than it should have been due to my own laziness. I should have done it the way I always do, but instead I took the very long way around, messed things up, then try over and over to fix it. Eventually opting to do it the right way to fix it. Then I added some cool new add-ons like Weebly site builder for clients.

Today when I got started online I wasn’t really sure what I would be doing. I didn’t have a clear goal or vision, I just sat down and got started. Thankfully, while I was waiting for file transfers yesterday I ended up joining some more FB groups that gave me some things to do today. I learned some things, helped some people, and I’m hoping I may have found the perfect forum plugin for WordPress! *fingers crossed*

I’m super excited to be getting E-Starr updated and have it the way I like it, while also working on my niche site and my personal portfolio. Sometimes I just don’t think there’s enough time in the day.

Photo by Xuan Nguyen on Unsplash

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