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I was thinking about it a bit more today, and I’m more convinced that forums are a much better way to meet with like-minded people of a wider genre.

In my effort to learn as much as I can about Divi by Elegant Themes, I joined some Facebook groups on the topic of creating with Divi. My goal is to become so deeply involved with it that I become an expert (because that’s how you do it). Anyway, one of the groups I joined asked if I would avoid promoting myself except on the specific day it’s allowed, to which I agreed, but then I had a thought. “If this was a message board format I could have my link in the signature and people could find my site easily from there if they wanted to – which means promoting would take a back seat to serving others.” This is so important.

I don’t want to be out there promoting myself all the time anyway. I want to serve others, then allow them to come to my paid service only if they like and trust me already. How do you do that in the current ‘social media’ marketing world? When you think about it, if I help you in a Facebook group you would then have to go to my profile and search for what I do. Are you even going to do that? Probably not..

I’m excited about this prospect and I hope it takes off because I would like to have that type of community again in the future.

Photo by Lauren on Unsplash.

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