Solo Exercise

A few weeks ago I began practicing running for a 10k using the Couch to 10K app. Matthew and I have been doing it together and every time I go running my hip hurts for a day or two after. We’ve been going every day, every other day, then it was 2 days, now it’s been 5 days. I decided this morning I was going to get up and do it while he was out and I’m glad I did.

I love spending time with Matthew, doing things with him, and having him around all of the time. But running by myself today felt really good. I didn’t have to even consider someone else’s pace and I even had to rely on myself for motivation. At the end of the sequence I chose to do a sprint, too, which I know I wouldn’t have done if he was there. And then I can still work out with him when he wants to and get extra fit!

I think I’m going to begin working out more on my own. I want to begin my yoga practice again and I need to get past the excuses on that. During my alone time today I decided I would begin using Suzi’s super simple weekly schedule method to maintain focus on what I want to do. BTW, I love her site.

So what about you? Do you prefer to get exercise alone or with a buddy? Whether you’re walking around the neighborhood or hitting the gym, comment and let me know!

Photo by Spencer Dahl on Unsplash

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