Why Pinterest Is SO Frustrating

I’ve recently started using my Pinterest account again. Apparently it’s good for marketing more than just fashion and DIY. Who knew?

It was suggested that I start marketing through Pinterest for my business because that’s what people do and apparently it’s one of the best social media outlets for it right now. That’s cool, I’m very much a visual/aesthetic person so I totally get it. Make attractive images and designs so the content is easier to find and swallow. Makes sense.

I started off by updating my pins. Apparently it’s been like 4 years since I even used Pinterest for personal purposes, and at some point I made a Pinterest business account, too, and totally forgot about it. Most of these pins didn’t really suit me anymore and got deleted, then I started cultivating my new persona sharing things that interested me or that I wanted to check out.

The first thing I noticed was while I was pinning Yoga related content. I decided to click on one right away because it was especially interesting and it ended up leading me to a site that had nothing to do with yoga at all!

THEN I found another one that led me to a site with a compilation of yoga information, not from the original source’s site and without the link. Thankfully I was able to find her site anyway because she put her URL at the bottom of the pin image.

It didn’t stop there. Sponsored posts that have nothing to do with the term I searched, images that have the weirdest descriptions, even pins with no link to anywhere (which Tailwind won’t share, btw)!

Everyone’s talking about how you should be able to get all your pinning done for the week in less than 30 minutes with Tailwind, but it’s clear to me that if you want to serve quality pins you can’t just pin whatever looks good. You have to check the description (and change it possibly), check the source URL (and possibly change that, too) or just toss out anything that strikes your fancy and fits your niche/boards.

BTW, that Tailwind link has a referral code that gives you a free month and me a $15 credit IF you go Pro. 

So my question then is, how important is it to have quality pins that are not your own? Seems like no one else cares, should I? Should we all? People are pinning other people’s pins so other people will see and pin theirs, is anyone even visiting these sites?

Photo by S A R A H ✗ S H A R P on Unsplash

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